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working in partnership with Rogate C.E. Primary School

Our Governing Body is made up of a group of people who have chosen to give their time and commit-ment in support of Rake C. E. Primary School and to fulfil the legally required obligations. As well as

Mr Bertwistle and Mr Brown as Staff Governor, the other members include Parent Governors voted on

by the parents, Foundation Governors from the church, Community Governors invited on by the other Governors and Local Authority Governors appointed, in this case, by West Sussex County Council.

Rake School Governors

David Bertwistle

Executive Headteacher

Nik Taylor

Chairman of Governors

Dr Caroline Bott



Steven Rea  



 Sarah O’Malley  Vice Chairman

of Governors

Rev Trish Bancroft



The Chair of Governors, co-ordinates the work of the Governing Body and liaises regularly with the Head Teacher.  The Full Governing Body meets each term to monitor the school development plan, to make sure legally required policies are in place and to endorse any important decisions that the Head-teacher wishes to make.

In addition to the main meeting, members of the Governing Body also meet each term in smaller committees that take on the monitoring of particular aspects of school business: Premises, Staffing, Finance and the Curriculum (see below). Minutes of these meetings may be found at the bottom of this page.

Individual governors also take on specific roles; amongst others there is a Health and Safety Governor and a Special Needs Governor. Governors give their own time to go on training courses so that they can fulfil these roles more efficiently.

All of our Governors try to support the school in as many ways as they are able. Some governors are able to give their time regularly to work with groups of children within the school day. Others attend whole school special occasions and events whilst others give their own skills and professional training to help the school.


The aim of our Governing Body is to ensure that the highest standards of educational provision are maintained at Rake C. E. Primary School.

Paul Brown



Mark Poeti  



Kate O’Kelly

Local Authority Governor

 Margaret Farwell



Pippa Bass

Clerk to the Governors

Neil Ryder



Harriet Young Committee


Minutes of Governors’ Meetings