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working in partnership with Rogate C.E. Primary School

 Downland Village Schools Federation (DVSF)

Following a six-week public consultation, the governors of the Downland Village Schools Federation (DVSF) and of Compton & Up Marden CofE Primary (CU Primary) have decided to go ahead with a proposal to all three schools (Rake, Rogate and CU Primary) together inside a newly-constituted DVSF. The report below (see “Information from DVSF”) gives the background and the evidence gathered from the consultation, which informed our decision to go ahead with the proposal. However, for those who would like to read more about us, federations generally, and some of the responses we had to our consultation, we hope this page will help.

Information from DVSF

Questions and answers

Information about federation

Comments from the local authority and diocese

Other responses

       Letters from local parish councils

       Letters from local church PCCs

       Other letters from the Compton community:

We cannot add all the correspondence we have received here, so we have attached a zip file with

the other letters and emails received from consultees up to now – you can download this here.

    If you have any other questions or comments, please send them to joint.chairs@dvsf.school

The proposed expansion of the

Downland Village Schools Federation (DVSF)

to include Compton & Up Marden CofE Primary